Introducing DOX


Boy, it's been a while, right? Well, as always, when you're working on freelance projects you don't have much to show. You simply do the work and move on.

However, today I've got something to announce. It's called DOX and it'll be out in the next month or two. It's a fairly straightforward puzzle game that asks you to engage your brain and figure out what different buttons do.

It's been a real challenge working out how to get all of the different button types to interact with each other but the project as a whole has been a ton of fun to work on. Mainly thanks to the fact the whole design of the game is done by the wonderful Holden Boyles, who's worked on plenty of other title before.

So, keep your peepers peeled for an announcement of a launch date and maybe I'll throw some gifs and whatnot up on the site real soon.

Until then!