The Sky's The Limit(ed Company)

A quick one from me. As mentioned earlier, a bunch of boring stuff had to be sorted out but now it's sorted. RinseWashRepeat is now a Limited Company. That means things like VAT, Corporation Tax and annual returns to Companies House need to be taken care of.

It's not hugely exciting, but it means that RinseWashRepeat is now fully legit and will soon be listed on the Apple App store. So, hooray for that.

On slightly more interesting news, Swipe Diver has a logo, has more music and has a finish in sight. You want to see the logo? Well, look to your left and there it is. Not too shabby, so a big thanks, well done and hooray for Evan (who's doing everything graphical and came up with the game design).

That'll do for now. Divers need to be swiped and swipes need to be dived.

Until next time.