Swipe Diver - Say Hello


Good day everyone!

Firstly, I want to pat myself on the back for getting a blog post onto the site in less than 2 months after the previous post. Secondly, a quick message to say that the next game we'll be launching is shown to your left (unless you're on a mobile, then Lord knows where it'll show up). That looping gif is from an early build, so bits and pieces will change and polish will be applied.

It's called 'Swipe Diver' and that pretty much sums it up. You swipe at the screen to move rows of mines, the divers fall to the bottom and as long as diver doesn't meet mine, everyone's happy. It's deceptively simple and during testing I've been pulling my hair out trying to keep track of mines, divers and goblets. Did I mention the goblets? More on them later...

The graphics and design of the game all come from the mind, hands and any other appendages that he may use of Evan Poirier. You can tell him "well done" via Twitter (@EvanPearTree) though you can't visit his website. He doesn't have one. What gives?

Other than that, keep an eye out for a message about joining our team of beta testers. We'll be looking for Android and iPhone people, so no matter your device preference, we'd love for you to play some terribly buggy pieces of software.

Until next time,