Project Updates

Note to self - update this website more often.

As I learned when finishing up the first game, a lot of 'making games' isn't about the actual making. There's trailers, Twitter feeds and store listings to sort out.

It turns out that when you're working on a game, there's always stuff other than 'working on the game' to do. We're currently in the process of sorting out some legal mumbo-jumbo, which will basically mean RinseWashRepeat won't simply be a website but it'll be an LLC. The reasons behind this are boring, but it comes down to the fact that if the company should get in trouble (sued) then only the company can lose its money and not anyone that works or owns the company. AKA - Me.

This being said, projects are being worked on! There'll be an update and hopefully some video to share in a day or two but it's going pretty dang well. We've landed on our feet yet again and we're working with an artist who's got a very nice style, gets assets to us quickly and understands how important it is to provide sprites at the correct resolution. A real gem!

Until next time,