Testing, Testing. Is This Thing On?

Hello there. Welcome to the RinseWashRepeat website, or rather, the website of RinseWashRepeat.

RinseWashRepeat is the name of the one-person development team consisting solely of Matt Parker. Don't feel bad for him though, he often gets help on his games from fantastic people that he's met in real life or on the internet.

The goal of RinseWashRepeat is to make fun games so that other people can play them. It's not a particularly complicated goal and we're at a big milestone - RinseWashRepeat is about to launch its first game.

Keep on an eye on the website to see when that actually happens - perhaps follow us on Twitter too?

Anyway, this website is about a game studio that hasn't released a game yet. We'd better go make that change.

Until next time,