It's still WIP - but you can see what's been worked on.

It's still WIP - but you can see what's been worked on.

Work carries on with Dox. In fact, we're now at the stage where we're applying several layers of 'polish'.

As those of you that have made any sort of software before will know, the polish is where you stop making the app/game do anything new and instead on focus on making it do what it does - 'better'.

What's so tough about this part of development is that it's quite fiddly. There are minute animations to incorporate, subtle sound effects and other pieces of UI and UX to think about. However, it's these little touches that turn a great idea into a great game. It turns software into something that people want to use rather than simply something they can use.

So there. It's all about polish and bug hunting and re-factoring pieces of code to smooth everything out. This also means fighting with Apple's TestFlight software. But that's another moan for another day.

Until next time!


Introducing DOX


Boy, it's been a while, right? Well, as always, when you're working on freelance projects you don't have much to show. You simply do the work and move on.

However, today I've got something to announce. It's called DOX and it'll be out in the next month or two. It's a fairly straightforward puzzle game that asks you to engage your brain and figure out what different buttons do.

It's been a real challenge working out how to get all of the different button types to interact with each other but the project as a whole has been a ton of fun to work on. Mainly thanks to the fact the whole design of the game is done by the wonderful Holden Boyles, who's worked on plenty of other title before.

So, keep your peepers peeled for an announcement of a launch date and maybe I'll throw some gifs and whatnot up on the site real soon.

Until then!


Not Much to Show

Hello there!

Boy it's been a long while. The problem with a lot of the freelance work being done here is that we're not allowed to talk about it. Another problem is that sometimes the work just doesn't 'go anywhere'.

Look at the last post that was put on this site. Swipe Diver was, essentially, finished. A few menus to complete, maybe some leaderboard stuff and achievements left to do, but for the main, it was done.

However - things changed. Art style had a last minute change, which resulted in code that needed to be changed and this led to the project grinding to a halt at about the 90% complete mark. Unbelievably disheartening.

Luckily there was more work to do so no time to mope. Sadly, most of it I can't really talk about. Recently we've been commissioned to create a very simple piece of promotional software. A local restaurant wanted us to make an arcade game that their patrons could play whist waiting for their meal to arrive.

So that's why we've got Henry Burgers Flip to announce. Well, it's more like an announcement and release all in one as we're just waiting for this thing to come out of Apple's review process.

So that's nice. Keep an eye out for a link to the Android and iTunes listings real soon and other than that? You'll have to wait and see.

Until next time.